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The Retirement Income Dilemma

Consider this: if you were to climb a mountain, would you rather have the skills and techniques of a professional climber, or their tools? Equipment and tools are commodities, whereas skills are hard to come by. 

The truth about money is…
A 401(k) is not a retirement plan,
a 401(k) is a retirement asset.

Wealth building begins with having the right strategies in place. In a free market, everyone has access to similar products and services. Those who succeed employ strategies that have been tested and verified.

The biggest mistake pre-retirees make is to focus too much of their energies on accumulating assets, while paying little, if any, attention to how they will actually draw upon their hard-earned savings (also known as ‘distribution.’) In other words, they know how to get up the mountain, but they are unsure about how to get down the other side.

It’s in the distribution phase – once you are already retired, that you may discover that you will either run out of money, or that you will need to significantly change your lifestyle.  At which point, it’s too late to do much about it.

We specialize in helping people resolve the retirement income distribution dilemma. So, whether you are just starting to save for retirement, or well on your way, it’s time we had a conversation about how exactly you will fare. A conversation costs nothing and is well worth the time invested.

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